at Heronwyck Plantation
We breed a better Boykin for the field, the heart and the home!

About Thornhill and Leslie Kern

Situated among the grand southern magnolias and live oaks of the south, along the edge of the Broad River, Thornhill Kennels at Heronwyck Plantation surrounds itself with truly the best the south has to offer!  

With acreage to run and water available year round, our introduction and early training gives each of our pups every opportunity to grow to be the best it can be.

As an Advocate for the breed.  I believe strongly that every Boykin has it's strengths.  That is what I breed for....strength in it's pedigree,  its health, temperament, dispostion and natural instinct. 

Breeding Boykin Spaniels is my passion! We have selective breedings each year. I have a vetted interest in each pup I place and each family is an extension of our own.  I breed to make a positive contribution to the breed. Following the recommendations of The Boykin Spaniel Society (BSS), The American Kennel Club (AKC) and The United Kennel Club, (UKC), every Boykin prior to breeding is evaluated based on several health certifications-Hips, Eyes, Heart, Patella, Elbow, EIC, CEA and DM and Brucellosis.  In addition, each puppy receives a CERF and a minimum of 3 exams prior to placement.

Thornhill Kennels at Heronwyck Plantation, Beaufort South Carolina 
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